I see the struggle.
I heal the root.
I guide the transformation.

  • Hey, I’m Theodora,
    And I make change feel easy.

    If you’ve miraculously ‘stumbled’ across this website, you’re likely here for one (or more) reason.

    Perhaps you’re stuck in a state of struggle, trying to make sense of it all, without much more than frustration and overwhelm.

    Maybe you’re on the route to reaching your goals, yet something is always getting in the way, stalling you at every step.

    Or maybe you’re fed up that everything you’ve tried just isn’t quite clicking…something needs to change.

    Whatever your reason, you’re in the right place. Welcome!

  • We’re led to believe that we must yearn for the life we dream of, and that in order to progress, we must push, struggle and strive.

    But what if actually, creating positive change (for humans or horses), could be almost effortless?

    We have been conditioned to believe that you must overcomplicate processes with gadgets, 10-step routines, magic pills and a different coach for every day of the week.

    When in reality, it’s already within you.

  • As a multi-award winning energy healer, what I do is pretty simple, yet abundantly powerful. I open the doors to your heart.

    Combining the science of the quantum-field and heart-coherence, with the spirituality of Reiki, Godcode Healing and Equine Energetics, I have guided hundreds of humans and horses to positive change.

    What I do is more than Reiki. It’s even more than somatics, shamanic healing and therapy.

    It’s an amalgamation of healing modalities, years of study, innate intuitive wisdom and lived experience that make your journey oh-so-simple.

    Are you ready to explore? Whether you’re seeking help for yourself, your horse, or the both of you, feel free to roam my website to gain more insight into how we can work together soon.